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Renton North Bridge

These are exciting times for the 737 program and the Renton, Wash., factory. We're building more airplanes than ever and getting ready to incorporate the 737 MAX into our production system. We've embarked on a series of construction projects to help us keep building airplanes in Renton long into the future.

One of those projects is replacing the existing Renton North Bridge, built in 1969. The main Renton production site is separated from the Renton Municipal Airport by the Cedar River. Boeing 737s move across the bridge to the Renton flight line at the airport where they are prepared for their first flight.

Building the new bridge is a three-year project and expected to be completed in 2015.

Much of the work has to be done between June 1 and Aug. 15, during the "fish windows." Fish windows are those times the Washington State Department of Natural Resources allows in-water work and are designed to protect endangered species migration.

Boeing is committed to ensuring that the design and construction of the new bridge meet the latest (current) safety and environmental requirements.

We appreciate your patience during the project and are working to minimize the impact of the noise and disruption to the airport, local businesses and residents.

You can leave feedback via email or on our project hotline.